5 Indie Games to Keep on Your Radar in 2021

5 Indie Games to Keep on Your Radar in 2021

Indie games continue to impress us year after year. 2020 saw the release of a host of games of play that was a super hit among the gamers. There were many surprise blockbusters that screamed innovation, diversity, and creativity. Fans can’t get enough and can’t wait to access more goodness in games horizon. Indie gems are ever-growing. Be it a story-rich narrative, platformers, puzzlers, there is much more to look forward to for this year.

Here are our recommendations for the top 5 games that will blow your mind.



The game is set in Oregon, and your character is 40-year-old Meredith to returns to her hometown and having enough of the tinsel town. She helps her family out by delivering mail. It is a relaxing adventure that would take you back in time. You would also get to interact with many locals and select responses too. If you miss the 80s style action, do not wait to play this game on its release.


The art style of this game is inspired by graphic novels. It takes us into the future, 2030 precisely, and the player is an outcast and ex-con Pax who sets out on a road trip to deliver a mysterious package to Nova Scotia. Pax is pregnant and needs help every now and then. As you go, you will be joined by more outcasts and tackle challenges on the way. The eye-grabbing art style will steal your attention.

Moonglow Bay

This fishing RPG set designed by developer Bunnyhug and published by Coatsink takes place along the coastline of Canada, and the player steps into the shoes of a rookie angler who fulfills their late partner’s dream by taking responsibility for the family business. You can try out a diverse range of fishing techniques and also catch and cook your fish recipes. There are beautiful stories and untold secrets to uncover in this relaxing and charming fishing adventure.

fishing adventure


It marks the debut of Developer Something We Made. The wholesome adventure of Toem takes you through the communities where you offer your help and also click photos. The striking Scandinavian landscapes are just genius. The calming music is cherry on top. This quietening game is brimming with charm and exploration. You can even take the bus to travel to different magical lands.

Where the Heart Leads

The game focuses on creating a narrative experience that is as comfortable as your favorite sweet or your partner’s hug. Developed by Armature Studio’s co-founder and director, Todd Keller. This surreal narrative takes you on a journey through time where decisions would be made that shape the character’s past, present, and future. A game full of consequences and ever-changing world, the life here is yours to shape.

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