Full Indie Summit

Explore the best opportunities to contribute to the indie gaming community. Join, create,
and explore the best indie games online of today and the future.

Summit Features Presentations And Panels

We have important workshops that explain the progress and rise of indie games in gaming communities around the world.



Explore the best indie games and contribute your ideas to the community.



Learn about the making of the games you like and connect directly with the developers.



Enjoy entertaining sessions of playing the games and contributing ideas to the workshops.

Passionate about indie games?

Are you one of the unique kinds who want to explore brilliant ideas showcased in indie games? Learn about the story behind each game and why all generations
of gamers love them.


Advanced GPU And Gaming Technologies

Explore the best new means of creating games and learn about the technologies that can improve your original indie games' features, themes, and ideas.


"This community is really connected and informative when it comes to the research I do about the latest indie games."

image (3)

Earl Betts

"The platform is a blessing for indie game lovers. Whether you are a gamer or a developer, you will enjoy being a part of this community."

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Kevin Kitterman

Workshops and Demonstrations

Connect with an agent today and make your reservations to enjoy
our main events, workshops, and more.

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