The Guide to Selling Your Indie Games

The Guide to Selling Your Indie Games

Every well-known establishment has its own formula for marketing its games. But you do not always need to play by the rules to be successful.  When you are new to the industry, thinking outside the box helps you have a good head start. At the same time, there are some essentials that one must get themselves acquainted with.  Here are some steps that will make your indie game a hit.

Be a good student.

Developers usually get lost in the creative and the technical aspects of a game, but there are other facets too. Seek knowledge on games promotions and marketing. Take time to fully understand the distribution and marketing of indie games through rich resources online.

rich resources online



Research the market demands.

Before coming to a decision about the game you would create, research the market to understand if your project would help. Understand the whys and hows of other successful businesses. Know the viewership and decide whether there is a demand for the kind of game you are planning.

Your streaming platform.

Your game must be easy to stream. That makes it much simpler for you to distribute your game and get PR for it.

Don’t wait to begin marketing.

It would be best if you started with marketing while you are in the development phase. When you start early, you have a game plan ready to avoid hindrances in the marketing department.

Decide on your distribution channels.

If you do not plan on hiring a publisher, you need to teach yourself the advantages of different methods of distribution to choose the best one for your game.

Build a solid social media presence.

Remember that engagement by a few hundred followers is much better than the thousands who do not have any interest in your game. Communicate with your followers and work towards building a strong community.

Build a website.

You cannot entirely depend upon social media. The mistake that many small developers make is that they don’t take time and effort to build a proper website. A website is a tool to redirect the audience after an ad and linking to the various platforms and channels.

Make a trailer.

Once all your tools for success are aligned, create a trailer for the game. Please do not make a trailer that shows its genre, as it can be misleading.

Explainer video.

Along with the trailer, around the release time, make a video describing the different adventures and challenges in the game.

adventures and challenges

Make a demo.

After the trailer and explainer video, release a demo. Many games in the past have taken off after the players checked the demo out.

Get help.

Sometimes, all this information must be hard to digest. Try setting aside a budget if marketing overwhelms you. Also, marketing professionals will give you more insights into your game.

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