The Guide to Game Development Conferences

The Guide to Game Development Conferences


Game development conferences, also called game conventions, are popular in the media landscape. All the superfans of the gaming world gather in a shared location, and the experience is rewarding and valuable.

Here are some game development conferences to look forward to every year.

E3- Electronic Entertainment Expo

E3 is the best the game conventions. All well-known companies, brands, major studios meet to unveil their last projects in the pipeline. Los Angeles is the location if you want to experience a line-up of stunning games.

Entertainment Expo


Post-2005’s Blizzard, Diablo, and StarCraft have been organizing this convention every year in Anaheim, California. It offers the attendees announcements and exclusive scoop and a chance to play the up-and-coming games. If you are a Hearthstone or World of Warcraft fan, head over at a ticket price of $199. Also, witness performances by famous musicians like Metallica, Ozzy Osbourne, and the Foo Fighters.

PAX- Penny Arcade Expo

This convention is organized by Mike Krahulik and jerry Holkings, who are popular because of their webcomic, Penny Arcade. All the titans of the industry mark their presence at this convention include giant keynote speakers and other luminaries of the industry. Also, participate in various gaming tournaments.

Tokyo Game Show- TGS

It focuses on Japanese games. Players from all over the world have access to more systems, games, and sneak peeks of the upcoming projects. There are also business areas, a family game park, an event stage, shopping areas, VR, AR, and indie game areas. Children are allowed without a ticket.

indie game areas

Eurogamer Expo (EGX)

It is one of the biggest game conventions held in various locations in the UK. 2017 saw over 80,000 attendees. Experience eSports, cosplay, new game information, industry insiders, and meet the smartest of the developers.

The Game Awards

Flagged off in 2014, it is hosted by Geoff Keighley. It is the Oscars of the gaming world and awards the best in the gaming industry.


It is run by volunteers and organized by the industry powerhouse, ZeniMax Media who are the publishers of the most successful games in the market. There are no tickets to purchase, and you can also participate in games and tournaments overseen by John Carmack.

games and tournaments

Finding the right conference

There are plenty of gaming conventions taking place all over the world every year. So it is a good idea to update yourself with all the events and their schedules. Also, you could pick a country of preference and see if that event suits your game. Take your excellent game and present it onto the world stage for everyone to be able to experience the freshness in the gaming world.

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